[Pre-Course (German A1-B1) + Studienkolleg] starts in WS24

Exclusive all-round carefree course package for applicants from abroad with no knowledge of German: With our binding admission to the Studienkolleg, including a Pre-Course (German A1-B1/B2), applicants with no knowledge of German can apply for and receive a study visa from the German diplomatic mission abroad in accordance with Section 16b (1) sentence 3 of the German Residence Act.

Start your path to studying in Germany with us - efficient, structured and goal-oriented.

Course Content Month
German course A1 10.2024
German course A1 & A2 11.2024
German course A2 12.2024
German course B1 01.2025
German course B1 02.2025
German course B1 & B2 03.2025
Preparatory course
FSP course 1st semester 04.2025
FSP course 1st semester 05.2025
FSP course 1st semester 06.2025
FSP course 1st semester 07.2025
FSP course 1st & 2nd semester 08.2025
FSP course 2nd semester 09.2025
FSP course 2nd semester 10.2025
FSP course 2nd semester 11.2025
FSP course 2nd semester & FSP exam 12.2025
FSP exam 01.2026
Winter vacation 02.2026
Bachelor's degree program in Germany 04.2026