Fee and discounts

The state-recognized Studienkolleg Halle-Merserburg promotes the internationalization of German universities and awards various scholarships and a wide range of discounts to international applicants who wish to acquire a university entrance qualification for all German state universities and colleges at the Studienkolleg Halle-Merserburg.
Please note, however, that there are no discounts or special prices for students who are either supported by public scholarship programmes in Germany or abroad or whose tuition fees are covered by their employer.
German knowledge  Course Duration regular Fee special price
Domestic Discount SS24* individual discount**
B1 FSP course 2 semesters        10.000 €                 9.000 € - 2.500 €  
A2 pre-course (German B1) + FSP course  2.5 semesters        12.500 €              11.000 € - 2.500 €  
A1 pre-course (German A2-B1) + FSP course  2.75 semesters        13.750 €              12.000 € - 2.500 €  
No pre-course (German A1-B1) + FSP course  3 semesters        15.000 €              13.000 € - 2.500 €  
*Domestic discount SS24 is granted to applicants who have a current and valid study visa for Germany or a current and valid residence permit for the purpose of studying (§ 16b (1) AufenthG) and can provide proof of this.
**Individual discount Declaration
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